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How to Buy Film Rights to a Book

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Early in the morning when the husband woke, he saw her beautiful wife sleeping peacefully, he felt butterflies in his stomach, he picked his camera to take pictures of his wife and after so many clicks when he checked the images, his wife was nowhere in the pictures, but she was sleeping on the bed. – AKSHAT ROY

Wonder why her wife wasn’t in the pictures?

Any idea about the number of published books in the US in one year?

In a nutshell, it is 600000 to 1000000 books only in the US And out these how many books are recognized as BEST NEW YORK SELLER.

These above two things are not our concern, what our concern is what we like personally. How many books did we read till this date now and how many books out of these you first googled, read reviews and saw its award-winning tags, mostly many of us. But sometimes we don’t make all these efforts, sometimes something else attracts our mind for buying a book like its cover or its title. We brought that book, we read that book and an exclamation of the word “WOOOWWW” came out from our mouth. And if you are a filmmaker, producer or director and highly enthusiastic to turn the turns of pages into turns of reels then you should know some rules, regulations and guidelines to do so.


ENDING Not every book or comic is too good to be shown. Let’s not criticize the hard work of the author, but let’s not be a big mouth of anything. It is necessarily important that a book, novel or comic must contain something which deserves to be presented on a big platform. The biggest example is THE FAULT IN OUR STAR and everyone’s favourite MARVELS and DC.


The first you should do is to contact the writer. You need to take approval from the novelist. You need to keep your opinion in front of the author, your reviews, your thinking and what made you so excited about this book to turn it into a screenplay. It may be helpful to make the author considerable to your idea. Pursuing the writer is way more difficult to answer the question “why should we hire you?” It is an ethical way and manners.



Many cases it is not necessary that only writers have a right sometimes the publisher of a particular book carries their share. Making the things go legally you need to get right from the actual copywriter may be an author itself or might be a publisher. So the second thing you need to do is to find the actual copywriter holder and explain your whole plan to them. Assure them about your mindset regarding the book, novel or comic, and if necessary also ask them if you can buy the copyright from them.


Money, Money Money, the ultimate game is money. Author road is clear, the copywriter gave a green signal but traffic becomes a barrier when it comes to the time of payment or profit-sharing ratio. Everyone looks for their benefits. Everyone had their respective efforts and everyone wanted their compensation. Here the point comes when we have to negotiate, always have your BATNA ready and don’t expose it last moment. And once the destination of the payment is done make sure to sign legal papers, with the consent of everyone who is part of it. So in future, if any dispute or chaos arises you are ready with your safety helmet.


Author agreement

It is very important to give credit and it always becomes a topic to conflict. The writer wants his own, a copywriter demands his own, while the maker will carry his preference. But it is not a big issue if the things are done with mutual understanding and with the agreement of all. When the efforts are equal then the credit should too. In many cases where the authors already have their brand name, so the names on screen are not preferred because people are already aware of them. Like THE HALF GIRLFRIEND, TWO STATES. We all knew the author Mr Chetan Bhagat.


Many times we want some character to survive, we don’t want them to die or let the story end with a tearful ending, we want changes, we demand a fruitful happy ending, again take consent from author and copywriter. Keep them updated with your Changement. So I will prefer you to get the paper signed in advance regarding Changement or addition of something else. Cause deep down we all wished for the iron man to live.


Finally, paperwork is done, the legal statement is ready, the whole plot is confirmed, now call for perfect people required in the industry, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Actors, the staff of different areas and most important investor. You need someone ready to invest their money, might be any production company or a highly ambitious person itself.


Ready, set and begin. Now the time is to say lights, camera, and action. Keep your assurance high, have a positive outlook and be ready for setup.


The above article is only options and thoughts. Reality is always different and situations and circumstances are purely unique. Might be possible that a copywriter asks for too much payment, possibly lawyers and court agreement comes at early stages. But if you read a book which gave you goosebumps or pranks in your heart and wished for worlds to know about a wonderful story and you are capable of doing so, then go ahead and take a risk. Because everyone wanted to know why Howard Roark laughed.

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