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Remote film production: Time management

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The most suitable way to survive as a production studio in this epidemic is to shift your film production to remote. It will be cost-effective. Eventually, it is for your better if your film production is trying or discussing to shift or transition into a remote one. To do something or to start doing something new, be it a transition from old to the new one it’s never too late.

Therefore, in this article we will be discussing tips to transition film production to remote such that you do not face difficulty. It is our request to just simply go through these several points mentioned in bullets so that you may think more appropriately and more effectively on the points being mentioned below very thoroughly. Now, let us begin with the tips one by one and will be briefed accordingly.

Though, in this time of crisis where Covid-19 is spreading everywhere, one must be more conscious about the filming in remote only. You cannot just do your shooting, recording in some other places which are out of your house, rather you are safe enough when you are shooting or recording at your home or remotely.


Properly plan your stuff and then only start your work, because without proper planning one cannot do their stuff effectively and efficiently. So, proper write-ups and great content should be written since you have a proper time as much time to make your content exciting and catchy.


Time Management refers to planning and performing a set of desired activities within a day or a period. A person can perform the desired activities efficiently when they divide the time according to their activities. The time management is a very basic yet very difficult process to include in one’s daily routine. In simple words, with the help of time management one can do more things in less time. With the help of good time management, one can plan and achieve several additional activities in their routine which they might be missing out. Time Management

The time management skill works the best sooner it is implemented in one’s daily hours and the best time to adapt this is right from childhood. Since during that time, the stress level is moderate and it is easier to plan and see the things work accordingly. Once you develop this habit, it becomes comfortable to work efficiently in later days.

Nowadays, time management for kids is as important as for adults. Therefore, kids need to develop the skill to be properly equipped to traverse the world. In this competitive era, kids are occupied with lots of activities to be completed regularly. They need to attend classes, go for sports activities, learn extra-curricular activities and much more. So, it becomes necessary to utilize and provide proper time to each of these to perform well in each area. People do not realize the importance of time management and fail to achieve more which increases stress and anxiety. Better time management will make you see results when the time is less and the pressure is high. It brings an optimistic boost in one’s life as one starts to see the results instead of performing much and achieving less.

As a child, if things don’t go our way it leads to various thoughts and results in underachieving in different activities. To tackle all these problems it is necessary to organize the activities and proceed to achieve them with a schedule. The biggest mistake happens when one tries to perform several tasks irrespective of the proper time which leads to partial completion of every task. Usually, we give importance to how much work we have performed instead of how we have worked and how many tasks we were able to achieve.

The skill relies on a very basic yet important question, ‘How to manage time?’. The answer to this question is simply to understand oneself, one’s need, one’s routine and then dividing each day’s tasks and combining them with a time slot. It is not preferred to include heavy tasks which in unrealistic to complete in a period. I would say that one should decide their tasks based on SMART. Here, SMART defines:

S: Specific

M: Multi-disciplined

A: Achievable

R: Realistic

T: Time-bound

If a person’s task is SMART, it is more bound to be completed successfully. The tasks need to be clear and specific and can be practically achievable within the period.

It is essential to know your time and then organize your activities.

The kids can manage and utilize their time by not wasting their time on unwanted things in their routine. These days’ kids spend most of their time playing games on mobile phones instead of using it as a means to figure out the answers to their doubts. It is best to play games as your celebration task. A celebration task is done for a short time after you complete the desired task to celebrate yourself. It works as a motivation to perform the next task enthusiastically. The kids need to include studying, playing, eating meals, going out, proper sleep, extracurricular activities and assigning each a specific time. For a good day to work out it greatly depends on the sleep cycle. The time management skills start by synchronizing one’s sleep cycle. It is required to have a sleep span of at least 7-8 hours for a person. The age period of kids is the best time to include good and healthy habits in one’s life because as one grows older it becomes difficult to give time and learn new and good things.

Time management activities can briefly include the following points:

  • Maintain a proper sleep cycle
  • Start the day with a short exercise or mediation which will help the body be energetic.
  • Think and make the entire day tasks based on SMART.
  • Assign proper time for each task.
  • Celebrate yourself for a short time after completing one task or take short breaks.
  • Think positive and stay motivated
  • Try to eliminate bad habits
  • Keep a track of your activities
  • If something doesn’t go accordingly in a day, keep a small time for that and try to figure out what went wrong and try to complete it the next day.
  • The results are not immediate and it will show once the good changes start reflecting in one.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” -”
― Michael Altshuler.

This quote correctly portrays the feeling when one feels at the end of the year and they have a big question mark of how the year got to end so fast.

So, it is important to understand the time and utilize it correctly and fruitfully and implement the time management skills in their life.


Set your goals precisely and effectively so that you can reach it efficiently and smoothly. If you do not know how to complete your target and strategies then you must try to make your videos and films it remotely. Things done with proper strategies and planning are always well-furnished with every good and happy result. The targets must be set accordingly so that it doesn’t let you make or create some kind of stress to complete on time or complete it just by doing your formalities and other stuff. Moving on to the further points.


Through video conferencing shooting or filming would be very easy as it won’t cost you or bother you to go far places from home to film production as well your time will be saved it every aspect and will be much productive to you if done remotely. It is for your betterment only if you get a chance to shoot yourself for a video remotely. Therefore, it is a better way to shoot as well as shift your film production to remote production.


Now, talking on this topic it depends on you that which apps seem to be more comfortable to you. There are several apps used during this pandemic and almost every meeting, discussion, the debate is being performed virtually using online apps. There are apps like zoom, google meet so whatever seems convenient to you, you can very easily log in to this app and perform yourself in front of it without facing any issue. You just need to get yourself ready and then simply turn on your wifi or internet and use it with your favourite apps to perform yourself effectively and very efficiently. No hustle and no distractions will be the major benefit you will get to see when shooting remotely.

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